Building the Dream 

Although I have plenty of experience selling houses, brand new as well as loved by previous families, but I must say there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the custom built home. Like a friend said the other day, “the only thing that beats the new car smell is the new house smell.”

It’s a great experience to envision that new layout, select the finishes, find your dream lot and see it rise from nothing, completely tailored to your heart’s desires. However, it’s sometimes tempting to cut corners and it’s very easy to make mistakes. When a client is looking for an agent to represent them in this process, it’s important to favor knowledge over anything else. An agent with the right connections and experience can shed light on the process in a way that is aligned with your interests, which in turn will make the transaction much faster and smoother. From the selection of the architect, to the location of the lot, to the zoning restrictions, there’s a lot to consider.

I’ve had the privilege of advising clients (at all price points) on how to carry out the multi-part process in a way that’s efficient and fast without compromising their style and wish list. I’ll tell buyers when to save on the architect’s fees if what they need is a draftsman; or how to work with the builder to bring in finishes that are less expensive but still look very high-end.

Having worked as the exclusive listing agent for one of Austin’s top building firm the last couple of years has given me an incredible perspective on the subject. I had the great experience of having a home built for our family to my every wish, and I strongly recommend it to anyone with the means to do it.