Darling Denim

Denim is everywhere.

You will find it in all kinds of washes, weights and silhouettes. The variety of choices is wide and ranges from tops to skirts, shorts to pants, and even overalls. They can be wide-cut, skinny, long, jaded or new-looking pieces. The list goes on, and with such variety and ever-growing popularity for this trend, similar fabrics have been added to attain the denim look.

An effortless way to do it is to follow a simple rule for coherent ensembles: Combine washed denim with simpler, more conservative pieces. Pair bright and printed items with dark-toned denim. This will keep the balance in the outfit, as only one piece will hold the attention.

The secret to a cool, casual Friday at work or even for an evening out is mixing spring items you would not normally wear with denim. Top them with a bold accessory such as a belt or necklace that will cut through the mixture of textiles. Use heels to override the casual feel to the fabric. These will quickly add a touch of glamour to your outfit and make it trendy and formal at the same time.

Forget the notion that denim stands for one season and make it an investment that can be styled differently throughout the year. If you’ve previously layered it for chilly days, use it alone in a statement garment this spring and summer. Identify washed denim if you like to try new trends and buy the one-tone if you feel you have a more classic style. It is up to you to put your personality in whatever mixing and matching you come up with.