Steps to Sensational Summer Skin

The heat, chlorine, salt water and humidity take their toll on your skin in the upcoming summer months, but the number one cause of wrinkles is sun exposure… and no one wants that! I’ve put together a simple list of skincare tops to combat the harsh summer changes to skin and stay looking fresh and flawless well into fall and winter.

Create a Routine: Summer skin care requires some effort on your part. Regular application of sun protection, professional facials and a good home skin care regimen are your best defense against the sun and the havoc summer can wreak on your skin.

Monthly Professional Facials: Your skin deserves some extra TLC in the summer. While the first step of your summer skin care regimen should be to change your home care products, it’s essential to implement monthly facials. High temperatures trigger oil production and clog pores. Monthly facials give your overtaxed skin a break, soothe sensitivity and keep your pores clean.

Load up on Topical and Internal Antioxidants: The sun contains damaging free radicals, which perpetuate aging. Using antioxidants topically (serums and moisturizers) and internally by eating sweet potatoes, berries, tomatoes, spinach and vitamin C supplements will give your body the defense it needs.

Wear Sunscreen: Even if you don’t expose your skin to the sun, 78% of all sun damage is from incidental exposure (like driving, walking). In fact, most of the aging on your hands (sun spots and wrinkles) is from driving in the car. Apply a moisturizer and a hand cream that contains a minimum SPF #15 sun block (#30 for those with more exposure) every morning.

The Truth about SPF: SPF 30 is double the protection of SPF 15, right? Wrong, it’s only 4% more protection. As the SPF number increases (50, 70) that percentage decreases, and you’re exposing your skin to more chemicals. The key to protecting your skin is to generously reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Sunscreen wears off, sweats off and rinses off, so reapply every hour if you are out in the sun.


  • Use Cold Yogurt for a Bad Sunburn
  • Store Your Products in the Refrigerator
  • Wash your Makeup Brushes Every Week