Trend: Something More Concrete

When it came to finishes in my custom home, I was all over this fantastic trend. Simple, sleek and uber modern, polished concrete floors evoke an undeniable industrial charm that is quite hard to explain. I love so much walking barefoot on my cool concrete floor and I can’t get over how easy they are to maintain.

My floor serves as a great canvas for all the elements in my home’s décor to jump off. My rugs are highlighted exquisitely in contrast to the blank slate underneath. With my mirrored furniture, substantial velvet couch and visually rich coffee tables, it’s the equivalent of a using a bare white plate to serve an exquisite dish. It’s simplicity allows me to not over stress about the garnishes.

It’s so funny because the way we build homes in Texas unofficially reserves concrete for luxury, but I have a close friend who comes from a city where nothing can be built with wood, so every single house starts as bare cement (top to bottom, even walls) at some point. “Everyone always makes such a big deal about tile, hardwood and other materials,” she explains. The punchline is in the irony: something trending among exclusive homes in the States is something that’s unfinished in luxury homes in other parts of the world.

I still love the look and feel of it, and I know baby and the dogs love it too.