Trends: The Tub Guide

Choices, choice, choices. As an agent specialized in custom luxury homes, I know clients can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with choices. To take some pressure off the process, I love providing my clients with beautiful, stylish finishes and products (based on the recommendations we get from our expert builders). In this post, here are some very different alternatives for the biggest element in the bathroom. It should be a space to retire to, letting all the pressures of the day melt away. It should still be a reflection of the clients’ style and personality. Here’s something for every taste:

For the minimalist: I loved this images because of the contrast in the room. This very bare, white porcelain swan is rising up between rich dark wood and a very traditional crystal chandelier for a very unexpected, eclectic feel. Although most will agree that this particular tub will work best in a more modern setting, this shot still got my attention because of its very interesting composition.


Transitional Bathroom by Austin / Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O’Hara Interiors


Cottage Style: This interior shot of a very quaint beach house in Providence is the perfect marriage of cottage charm and vacation escape.



A Rustic Beauty: I chose this tub for homeowners with a passion for a more rustic, historic feel. Aged to perfection, it’s a great starting point for the decor of a hacienda style retreat.