Trend: Tufted and Fabulous

Tufted furniture is back in a big way and showing up everywhere. I simply could not resist when it came to furnishing my living space. I invested in a substantial piece, tufted to perfection, which has surely become the anchor to my entire house. Rich, luxurious and timeless, tufted elements carry a room elegantly and evoke unequivocal glamour. Adding just that one special piece to a space can really make all the difference.

Whether it’s a luxurious tufted headboard, ottoman, accent chair, sofa, or even a tufted wall, it surely makes a statement of sophistication.

It’s a trend that’s been proven timeless – a style that we’ve seen carried over through centuries. Although it may be considered more of a “traditional” style, a tufted piece of furniture can easily transition into a modern or eclectic setting, if mixed with the right pieces.