Tan Perfection

Tanning is a big part of my beauty routine, but bronzed, glowing skin should always be healthy. That’s why I’m an avid spray tanner, keep to a pretty consistent regimen and always protect my skin.

FOR YOUR FACE: To keep skin looking fresh, bronzers (as part of your makeup routine) are a great way to shine (without looking too oily), while accentuating you bone structure with shimmers of light. Reflecting light off your complexion, along with the subtle golden glow that comes with bronzing dust create depth and dimension to the face.

BODY: When it comes to the skin, pigment infusion without the harmful rays of tanning beds or the dreadful aging brought on by the exposure to the sun can yield enormous long-term benefits and still look youthful and natural. Show off your legs (and sport and even tan) with these in-home tanners, enhancers and bronzers.