Welcome to SCENE!

This ride called life twists and turns in unexpected ways. Sometimes the ride will feel smooth, like all the stars are aligning. Other times, it may seem challenging, even impossible. My life has taken all sorts of twists and turns in the thirty years that I have been fortunate to have.


I grew up in Austin surrounded by a loving mother, father and two sisters. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I loved to create and push myself with my creative limits. Whether it was writing, directing, and starring in plays at a young age or fashioning different articles of clothing together, creating and putting things together has always been a part of my being. My mother tells me stories of her buying me beautiful outfit sets when I was a child but that I would come out of my room wearing a top from one outfit and bottoms from another. She would want to change me back into the matching ensemble and my father would stop her and say “Let her express herself…” So I guess, as long as I can remember, I’ve been very particular about the way I like things to be arranged in, on and around me.


It was during my high school years that I discovered I loved walking through homes. I could spend hours and hours just walking through open houses, and I did. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Appreciating the architectural elements, the design choices inside, and then envisioning the lifestyle of the people who lived there. What did they do for a living, for fun, and in there free time? Why did they chose that house? After interning for two top residential firms in Ft.Worth and graduating with a degree in Finance from TCU, I decided to start a career in finding and representing people purchase their dream home. It’s a more intimate and emotional profession than you may realize. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and have sold over 125 homes in my time as a residential broker.


While I love what I do, I have never lost that deep fire and appreciation I have for design. In fact, I feel like as I get older, I realize more and more how important a work and life balance is. In my free time I find myself staying up to date through various media with the latest trends in fashion, food and interior design. Years ago, before Instagram took off, I started photographing and capturing my experiences and encounters with these subjects. Living in such a vibrant city, and meeting people every day that are moving here, I am often met with people naturally wanting to figure out where to live but also wanting to know where to go eat and shop.


So after all of these years, a page has turned and a new chapter in my life has begun. A chapter where the stars seem to be aligning and I am just listening to and following my heart and passions. Through Scene, I bring together my love for real estate, fashion, design and food in the Austin area. I realize not everyone will love what outfit of the day I may post, or what funky food or design trend I may feature, but I’m living authentically and loving every minute of it! So, welcome to SceneAustin! I hope you learn about something new in the real estate, food, fashion, and design Scene in this fabulous city!